Events and Ticketing tools included in every Funraise account

Events and Ticketing tools are included with every Funraise account—Free

March 28, 2022
3 minutes
Funraise's Events & Ticketing icon, a calendar with a star in the middle, sits on the left side of the image while a digital ticketing form sits to the right. The palette is a soft blue and white.

Funraise, the nonprofit industry's leading digital fundraising platform, released their best-in-class Events & Ticketing tools to every customer—Free.

In the nonprofit world, events are a major source of not just donations, but awareness and community-building. The pandemic has shown that whether they're online, in-person, or hybrid, fundraising events are here to stay—and since Funraise is, too, the smart tech-focused platform is releasing their Events & Ticketing feature to every customer.

Included in Events & Ticketing are multi-layered, multi-functional tools, like

  • Custom Questions—Get meal counts and shirt sizes right the first time with filterable, exportable custom questions.
  • Ticket Receipt Emails—Automatically send tickets in an email fully branded to your organization.
  • Funraise App Access—Scan QR-coded printed tickets or digital tickets presented on a mobile device.
  • Connected Donor CRM—Easily manage guest preferences, requests, and follow-up efforts all in one place.

With this investment in nonprofits, Funraise aims to make events easier and less costly to plan—which means more donations going toward programs.

Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder, explains,

“Events are a longstanding fundraising channel for nonprofits of all types. With the decision to offer an end-to-end events solution to every single customer, Funraise is expanding our commitment to nonprofits and providing top technology at a lower cost.”

This all-access pass to the industry's leading events and ticketing functionality gives nonprofits a new perspective on the value of an exciting event and the resources needed to pull off a dynamite donation experience. The connection to Funraise's donor CRM ensures that follow-up relationship building is easy and obvious, meaning Funraise's customers can rely on their fundraising events long beyond the moment that the lights come up.

Funraise is a nonprofit-first online fundraising platform combining an unparalleled fundraising infrastructure with best-in-class donor management tools. Built by former nonprofit staffers for future nonprofit staffers, Funraise's platform was developed with an inherent understanding of what nonprofits actually need to succeed.

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