Empowering Possibilities with OCCF and Funraise

June 6, 2018
2 minutes
Purely descriptive image. A treated photo of two children, one with shoulder-length dark curly hair wearing a pink short-sleeved shirt. She's directly across from the camera, looking down at something on a table in front of her (that we can't see.) The other child's hair isn't shown; he's wearing a blue short-sleeved t-shirt and he's watching the other child. Starting at the bottom and creeping up the photo is graduated pink that becomes transparent. The copy on the image says "Empowering Possibilities A giving day for OC neighbors with disabilities" in white and orange. The "O" in "Empowering" is made of multi-colored lines radiating from a common center.

The numbers from our first Giving Day pairing with OCCF, Help Them Home, are in!
The goal: $500,000.
The results: $743,700.
The reality: Thousands of families helped! 

And we just did it again. The Empowering Possibilities Giving Day raised critical funds for organizations that provide resources and support to our Orange County neighbors with disabilities. 

As always, Funraise is matching donations in an effort to increase philanthropy in our own backyard. Our partnership with OCCF throughout 2018 paced to deliver $100,000 directly from Funraise to local organizations. 

So... Click. Donate. Celebrate!

About Orange County Community Foundation 
Founded in 1989, the Orange County Community Foundation (OCCF) works with donors, strengthens the local nonprofit sector and works to find solutions to community needs. Since its inception, OCCF has awarded $510 million in grants and scholarships and ranks among the top 10 percent in asset size among more than 780 U.S. community foundations. For more information, visit oc-cf.org.

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