CEO Insights: Lessons to launch your nonprofit into the stratosphere

August 15, 2021
1 minute
A portrait of Funraise CEO, Justin Wheeler, next to the title "CEO Insights".
Justin is Funraise's CEO, a co-founder, and a bad-ass, experienced nonprofit fundraiser. Like a true fundraiser-turned-founder, he breaks down the concepts behind Funraise's mission everywhere he can make nonprofits' voices heard.

How do you take a high-performing nonprofit to the next level?

Think about that for a second.

We all love the good old "turn-around" stories, but how many of us would be willing to step into an executive position when the organization is already performing at the highest level of success?

...Talk about pressure. 😬

But for Christina Swarns at Innocence Project, her great ambition is to take the organization into the—in her words—stratosphere.

Buckle up and get ready for 30 minutes of 🎤  drops, 🤯  inspiration, and straight-up 🔥  advice from one of my favorite nonprofit executives at one of my favorite nonprofits.

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