CEO Insights: Force Multipliers

February 24, 2020
2 min
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Justin is Funraise's CEO, a co-founder, and a bad-ass, experienced nonprofit fundraiser. Like a true fundraiser-turned-founder, he breaks down the concepts behind Funraise's mission everywhere he can make nonprofits' voices heard.

As fundraisers, identifying the levers that could unlock force multipliers for your organization could be game-changing.

Most would argue that nonprofit fundraising should be more relational and less transactional. While I agree with that sentiment, sometimes we can take this idea too far and become incredibly inefficient at fundraising.

In the for-profit marketing world, we call this the buyer's journey. The end goal is to get the prospect to buy, but through a journey that adds value and provides a memorable experience for the buyer.

When this is done right, it can be highly scalable and repeatable.

As fundraisers, we should look at how to leverage force multipliers through the donor's journey. Here are a couple of tactics I've used in the past that have worked well:

  1. For P2P fundraising, "be your first donor" not only increases revenue right away, but data shows it is also a key ingredient for a fundraiser hitting their goal.
  2. Asking a donor to "give monthly instead" for a certain threshold of one-time donations could increase the LTV by more than 30%.

Livestream fundraising is clearly another force multiplier every fundraiser should be planning to experiment with this year and beyond.

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Video Transcript

As a fundraiser and as a nonprofit, you're always looking for force multipliers. These livestream fundraisers give you the best opportunity for force multipliers. Especially if your initial investment is just doing what you already do and that's turning people on to your cause. Yeah, I like that concept of force multipliers. I mean, in your guys' case and the $1,000,000 that that you've raised, how many individuals was that that gave? That made up that $1,000,000? I imagine it's a lot of low dollar donations. Do you have any like any rough estimate of how many people actually participated through through those efforts? Yeah. So this. This is the effort of roughly 130 broadcasters and the average donation being around $4.
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