10 Priceless Donor Reactions to Your Wacky Text-to-Give Messages

March 26, 2019
9 minutes
Collage of Lucille Ball reactions with a purple overlay

If you're anything like us, you wish you could see your supporters' faces when they receive your text messages. Sometimes, it would be hilarious. Other times, it would be a huge relief, just being able to tell if they got the message.

Here are 10 text messages we've sent out* and the reactions we imagine donors had. Follow our lead and learn from our mistakes!

You can't make all the people laugh all the time. But sometimes people will laugh at the worst jokes. Trust us, we know.

"Q. Why'd the bike stop donating? A. It was 2 tired. Like that? We got millions of 'em. We don't have millions of $$, tho. Donate now! https://your.tiny.url.her"

Gif of a woman talking to a man. She's pretending to play the drums and is making a "ba-dum-bum-tsh" noise with her mouth. Presumably, she's just told a joke, but the guy doesn't look amused.

This is a two-part-text that resulted in some (justifiable) side-eye.

"(1) It's not contagious, we swear on Beyoncé. (2, a minute later) LOL, bet you weren't expecting that text from {nonprofit}, were you? Help us eradicate epilepsy with a donation today. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Sometimes all your donors need is to know that they made a difference. Don't keep 'em in the dark! Remind them that they're your light.

"You rock, Kelly. Your donation tipped us over the edge to hit our goal! Give yourself a high 5 from us & get down with your bad self. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Gif of an older woman with gray hair dancing in a circle celebrating with her hands up

Text isn't just for donation asks. Send engagement requests, tell stories, and update donors on your org. This is a good one to get them to click and share.

"Spread the word! We need 500 signatures to help foster kids in our county. Cost to you: $0. Share this text & give the kids a chance. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Gif of Nicole Richie looking at her phone and holding up one finger to someone out of the shot.e

This wasn't our best text idea, let's be real. We did get some interesting responses, though...

"Thanks for the donation! Hey, this is a lil awkward... last year's donation was larger. Are you ok? Need a hug? ...Want to up the $$? https://your.tiny.url.here"

Gif of Ellen DeGeneres spitting out a mouthful of water

Um, ha ha ha. *furiously mathing in our heads*

"It's estimated that each donation adds 5 years to your life. You just had a bday, right? It might be time to make another donation. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Gif of Parks and Rec's Leslie Knope laughing and tossing her head with the caption, "*nervous fake laughter*"

Yes, it was a very specialized audience. But the response was pure excitement.

"TIME TO ROCK & ROLL! The Roller Derby World Cup starts in 48 hours—There's still time to sponsor your favorite skater & get maj swag. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Gif of Drew Barrymore as a roller derby player being helped up by two referees (one of whom is not wearing a helmet!) and throwing her hands in the air

Barf. Sometimes we dive too deep into our passion to promote health for everyone. How were we to know that this text would cause mass puking?

"If you thought hookworms were eradicated in the US, think again—they're still around. Donate and kiss worms goodbye. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Gif of a woman looking uncomfortable and brushing invisible bugs off her her shoulders and chest

You best believe Kim made it to freedom with this text.

"Imagine being 50 mi away from freedom and needing $10 to get there. Kim is so close to a new life: Donate $10 toward her escape. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Gif of Futurama characters dancing with the caption "Freedom Dance!"

MOAR DONATIONING. We won't kid ourselves; this wasn't the first time someone paid us to shut up.

"We're 10% away from our goal with 24 hrs left. Give now & we'll stop texting you—24 hours of silence for the cost of a cuppa coffee. https://your.tiny.url.here"

Gif of Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire screaming into a phone, "Show me the money!!!"

As you can see, there's an art to using text messaging as part of your communications strategy. Text Engagement from Funraise gives you the beauty of text messaging without the beast of uncertainty.

*P.S. We didn't really send these. But they sure are fun, aren't they?

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