10 Fundraising Hacks to Help Your Nonprofit Raise More Money

May 21, 2021
7 minutes
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With the pressure nonprofits are under these days, you’re probably gathering as many ideas as possible to help your nonprofit surpass its fundraising goals.

Here’s a list of 10 fundraising hacks worth trying.

1. Build your team of ambassadors

The power of peer-to-peer fundraising is well known. By building a team of P2P ambassadors, you can increase your nonprofit’s asking capacity and the likelihood of raising more money. Not sure who to ask to be an ambassador? Start with your board members and volunteers!

Your board members and volunteers are already super familiar with your nonprofit and have demonstrated a high level of commitment to it. The best way you can equip them to be great ambassadors is by giving them a digital toolkit they can use to spread the word and make asks, like Funraise's Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Toolkit for Your Supporters, which includes pre-written social copy with fill-in-the-blank prompts, graphics, and even pre-written ask emails your ambassadors can send to family and friends. Make it as easy as possible for your ambassadors to get in the community!

2. Update your homepage

More than likely, most of your website traffic enters from your homepage. Knowing that this page gets more traffic than others, spend time optimizing your homepage for campaign-specific fundraising asks. Use the “above the fold” portion of your homepage to incorporate information about your ask, branded imagery from the campaign, and a call to action. If all this is making you sweat, start with our Let's Get Digital! resource to become a digital nonprofit.

3. Ask donors to start a P2P fundraiser

Just like enlisting your board members and volunteers as ambassadors can increase your asking capacity, so can getting your most loyal donors on board for a P2P fundraiser. Like with any fundraising ask, you won’t know who’s interested in doing this until you ask. Consider sending an email to your list soon with a quick rundown of how donors can make a difference as fundraisers and how they can get started.

4. Make the phone your BFF

Direct response channels will be your best bet for following up with existing donors who have not yet made a gift. Picking up the phone is a great option because it will allow you to have a personal chat with donors and make a direct ask.

Yes, making phone calls can be daunting, but trust yourself—and remember that practice makes perfect, or in this case, less intimidating.

5. Try SMS

We all know how much time we spend on our phones. In fact, mobile giving increased by 205% from 2019 to 2020 according to CallHub, which means there's a lot of potential for giving right in the palm of your hand.

If your organization has never tried an SMS ask, this is a great tool to get in those last-minute asks with non-responders. Try a text-to-give campaign, sending donors a short and sweet ask along with a link to donate.

6. Harness the power of live video

On social platforms, video is king. From Instagram to Facebook to streaming services, there are lots of ways to use video to reach and engage audiences. Now is the time to be fearless and start leveraging live video for asks. Tell stories, share impact, post inspiring interviews, and give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your organization's impact as a way of highlighting your nonprofit’s work.

7. Test a website popup ask

Want to try new ways to convert casual website visitors into donors? Test out a website pop up ask. You might personally find them annoying, but they do work. You can customize a popup to show up on your website when certain conditions are met—like if someone has been on the site for at least 10 seconds, or when they are about to exit the site. You can also set up the cookies on your pop up so that visitors only get it once per day or every few days.

Make sure your pop up has a clear reason for giving, a deadline, and a great image. And don't let this idea daunt you—pop-ups are proven to produce profits!

8. Maximize asks over the last 3 days of your campaign

A significant portion of campaign-related giving happens at the end of your campaign. People become motivated by the giving going on around them and the impact they're seeing—don’t be afraid to send an extra email or post a few more asks on social as your nonprofit's fundraising campaign culminates. Put your organization out there more than you normally do to see if you can get a few extra donations for your cause.

9. Leverage Google Analytics

If you want to maximize your online donation rates, there’s no better place to start than inside your GA4 account. Start by looking at your donation page (or pages) to see what your time on the page is and what the bounce rate is. Ideally, you want your bounce rate to be less than 50%, which indicates that at least half of the people coming to your donation page are not clicking away. Use Google's analytics to get clear ideas on which points of the donation process could use improvements. Even the smallest changes could make a difference.

In addition to your donation page, look at other areas of your website analytics. Where are people spending the most time on your site? Are those pages optimized for giving? Do those pages do enough to get people to your donation page? Make a list of small changes you can test and keep optimizing your most popular pages.

10. Upgrade your CRM

Really, there’s no better way to raise more money than by harnessing the power of your donor data. That’s why Funraise built an incredible fundraising CRM that'll help you take your digital fundraising program to the next level. From high-converting giving pages, easy donation processing features, and seamless integrations with other digital fundraising tools, Funraise will help you make your fundraising efforts extra effective.

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