Chris Connolly

Hey there, I’m Chris—a content manager, brand journalist and UX writer fascinated by the complexities of culture change in the place now called Canada. I help problem-solvers use the power of words for good, by crafting accessible content and digital services that put real people first. I started my career in public health and mental health, which means there’s a special place in my heart for my work with community service professionals and healers of all stripes. In 2019, I co-produced a scripted podcast series that took a critical and light-hearted look at so-called disruption. That earned our ad agency, Church+State, a Canadian Podcast Award for Outstanding Business Series, edging out news leaders from the Globe & Mail and Financial Post. My writing and documentaries have been featured in the national SurroundSound documentary festival, the sound art podcast Constellations, the New York Times’ Green, Inc. blog, and various independent media platforms in Canada. I otherwise persist in my quest to create something beautiful. Most recently? A cooperative home, a poetry collection, geeky sound art, and a step-back jumper, for now. You can learn more about his content projects at

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