RoundUp App Grant

CHOICE Humanitarian has the RoundUp App free for a year. That's a lot of small change adding up to some big impact!
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This grant will advance your nonprofit by...

giving you unrestricted access to the RoundUp App for a year for free, for unlimited donors. That's a lot of quarters!

Small change creates big changes.

The RoundUp App allows supporters to donate the change from their credit or debit card purchases to support your nonprofit. Pennies add up fast... like, $25-$30 per month fast—heck yes!


We're looking for a nonprofit that has supporters, advocates, and volunteers that are passionate about the shared vision, but who have not yet begun to donate. The RoundUp App provides painless set-and-forget giving for them and a new fundraising revenue stream for you.

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The RoundUp App is designed to make giving effortless. Most everyone can spare their change, so why not let them donate it to your nonprofit?

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