Photojournalism Grant

As the recipient of the Photojournalism Grant, Emmanuel Hospice will be able to document their impact, showcasing the change they're making in the world.
Closeup of Canon DSLR camera in photographer's hands
This grant will advance your nonprofit by...

sending a professional photojournalist to a location of your choosing—anywhere in the world—for up to one week. They'll beautifully document your work, giving you video and images you can use for the next decade and beyond.

Hit home with images that have an impact.

Pictures resonate in a way that words just can't, so professional images from the field documenting the lifegiving work you're doing are a necessity. We want to capture your mission in action.


So many organizations qualify for this grant—really any team that's doing great work needs to be able to shine a light on the ways they're changing the world. Basically, all nonprofits qualify.

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