High Net Worth Pitch Grant

We'll see these three nonprofits at our High Net Worth event for a face-to-face meeting with philanthropists representing over $2 billion.
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This grant will advance your nonprofit by...

hooking you up. Funraise will provide feedback on your pitch deck, helping you polish and tone your pitch. We'll fly you and your closer out to meet with a Shark Tank-style panel of philanthropists, put you up in a hotel, and feed you.

Get the hookup of a lifetime.

This is the real deal. We're going to hook you up with a panel of philanthropists representing over $2 billion. You've got a shot at securing long-term funding.


There's so much noise everywhere you turn—we know it's not easy to get anyone's attention, much less facetime with people who could be a major source of support for years. You may qualify for this grant if you're sure that your cause would captivate hearts and minds... if only someone would listen.

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